As oxygen is required for the body’s survival, online optimization (O2) is the ultimate survival piece of any company or organization’s digital marketing strategy. What exactly is O2? Simply put, it covers all that goes into managing and optimizing every single facet of your online reputation. From your company’s website to online review platforms and everything in between, it’s not enough to just “have a page” anymore – that page needs to be an interactive part of your overall business strategy.

Digital marketing strategies are different, and should be, for every company. Some businesses can run off a Facebook page alone, while others need an in-depth, 30 page website just to describe what their company does. Active engagement on social media pages and interactive quizzes on websites can hold a potential customer’s interest, while reviews on any of review collection sites and directories can paint a picture of your company. Are you painting the right picture for your company? Are you even painting?

Online optimization, the balance and monitoring of your marketing strategies is imperative to survival. As oxygen is vital to survival for the body, it can’t survive on oxygen alone. The body needs the optimization of vitamins and nutrients from food to live, just like the search engines use your design, website content and mark-up to determine where pages appear on the SERPs (search engine result pages) for a specific keyword or set of keywords,

Ultimately, the goal on an online marketing strategy is to drive traffic and visitors to your website as they search for information related to your business such as products or services. That being said, companies can serve up different food for clients or different paintings in efforts to portray their offerings, products and services appropriately. Is your online presence what it needs to be?

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